Clothing is important. How you look like and what you wear make quite an impression on others. Clothing makes your personality, social status, also self-respect, present mood, and so on. Clothes are entirely free announcement of their holders about themselves, and their attitude and opinions. It is like business card, at which public looks and accordingly classifies you. As a matter of fact you make an impression on public than it is really important that your mind is in harmony with your appearance.


Individual design
I respect your personality and individuality. You can use my services even you would like to wear exceptional pieces of clothes designed directly for you according to your personality, or you would like just scale up variety of your clothes. Design and manufacturing take around fortnight and the price is set according to complexity of the model.

Special occasions
In the case of interest, I design clothes for special occasions like wedding dress, evening wear, ball wear and so on.

Image making
It is long-term cooperation with you. I am working on the change of style and set up the basis of the new clothes for certain opportunities, so that your clothing can be combined with each other and replenished by the new ones. I recommend suitable personal style which underlines your personality according to type and proper colour, what to do for covering of deficiency or on the contrary how to highlight your strengths.

The offer of services is specially designed for:
• A person who care about personal style and quality
• When you have changed your clothes size and need to change clothes
• When get a promotion and need to show it by your appearance as well
• At an important occasions like wedding

The price is set according to quantity of work and demands of manufacturing.